Hana-li is not an artist to be taken lightly.

In an ever changing landscape of culture, art and technology, Hana-li looks for the universal specificity that unites us in being human. She wants the listener to know that we are here together in this crazy world and together we can make it beautiful.

Reminding fans to stay true to themselves amid the peer pressure and constant bombardment to fit in, she believes that being unique is what makes us whole and what ultimately unites us in the end.

With lyrics covering a wide array of provocative topics in a way that ignites passion in the listener and a desire to “do something about it”, she says, “We can always change our destiny and the world around us. Sometimes we just need to be reminded”.

With a voice that can quite literally do anything she spans genres effortlessly, luring in fans of all ages, races and walks of life.

Weaving pop sensibilities with a soulful backdrop and a rocker’s edge, she is somewhat of a self-proclaimed “dichotomy”.

With so many people out there fighting for a spot in the world, Hana-li is simply making her own.

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