Stories From The Road

As many of you may know, Hana-li has been doing a LOT of traveling lately on a world tour for Human Rights with the organization You for Human Rights singing the first in a series of songs that she’s creating with them called “Human Rights: The Beginning”. So far she’s traveled to Mexico City, Boston, Florence, Brussels, Sydney, Tampa Bay and Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

In her own words….”Taiwan was a blast! Never have I seen so much food! They have tons of all-vegetarian restaurants (great for me) that have so many options of the strangest, most delicious things ever! Try lotus plant or bamboo shoots with rose sauce or dragon fruit and bright yellow seeds that taste sort of like chestnuts. And you’ve never seen so many kinds of mushrooms! My new favorite fruit is a custard apple which looks a bit like cauliflower and artichokes had a baby but tastes sweet and delicious! I was warned to stay away from “stinky tofu” that smells really bad but apparently tastes yummy…I don’t buy it lol! I’ve ventured out in the rain (with no umbrella) through the streets of Kaohsuing using sign language to find my way through the night. And they have running tracks that are open to the public for free!

The people in all three Taiwanese cities have welcomed me with open arms. I love to see them smiling, clapping and singing with me – in English!”

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